Employment Preparation Program

In 2012, with the help of several community partners we were able to develop an Employment Preparation Program to serve the structurally unemployable population of Flint, Michigan.
 This sixteen-week program of skill building provides individuals with soft skills training, computer training, work ethic development and much more. To be eligible for our program individuals must meet certain criteria and show a strong commitment to the mission of the program.

Employment Prep Program Criteria


To be eligible for participation in this program an adult individual must be considered structurally unemployable. To be considered structurally unemployable a person would meet one or more of the items listed below:

An individual:

  • Has never worked or has not had a job for the past
  • Is considered at poverty level
  • Is considered an at-risk youth
  • Is a resident of Flint, Michigan
  • Is considered illiterate and does not have a high school diploma or GED

All of the men and women we are training, possess at least one of the above criteria, others possess more than one of the criteria. Individuals who are considered structurally unemployable face a greater challenge in finding employment opportunities.

Class Details

Our 16 week program includes 12 different skill components. A day would consist of an exercise class, computer class, lunch, skills class, GED preparation or sewing class, tutoring, and proficiency testing. Participants are required to attend class one day a week and volunteer at the center one day a week.

Our goal is to develop a strong work ethic through education, computer training, GED preparation and volunteer work. Skill building includes 12 components which include Positive Approach to Life and Work, Appropriate language in the work place, Basic Work Ethic, Financial Literacy, Employer Expectations, and Resume Development.


We offer a graduation ceremony at the end of each session, giving our students a sense of accomplishment of which they can be proud of. We have completed seven sessions of our employment preparation program that include the graduation of 90 people.

While individuals are in the Employment Preparation Program, we provide wrap around services, which include transportation assistance and help with other necessities.  Also during the program there is a great deal of counseling, which involves listening, encouragement, challenges, and affirmation making sure that each person will do well and meet success when they complete our program.

We have an open enrollment for our waiting list. New clients are always welcome. If you are interested you can call or stop by to  sign up for orientation and a personal interview with your mentor.